Google Play "Music that gets ___" (2016) 1:00 (USA)

Online culture meets real world in this Google Play spot that feels a lot like an adidas Originals spot from eight years ago. How many agencies does Google have, anyway?
Apps aside, there's no difference between Google Play and any other curated site like Apple Music, or Spotify, except for names and UI. Also there's no difference between those other sites and curating your own damn playlist because I really don't need an algorithms help. Also, I'm not sure in what world Google lives in that thinks people are having dance offs in front of the school bus. My bigger fear is that bouncy castles have replaced the hanging out on a ratty sofa outside trope that seems to have defined youth for the past decade. By the way, I never saw grown up youths hanging out on ratty sofas outside, either, outside a commercial set. And I live in Venice which is basically west coast hipster central. But you know--sometimes advertising is as myopic as it is superficial.

P.S. is much better. It's curated by users. And it has a very simple app.

Client: google
Agency: BBH L.A.

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It's not a ratty sofa. It's a rescue, some cruel bastard had just dumped that poor couch on the street, so they rescued it.

At this point I'm fed up with seeing youtube/gif-famous clips edited into videos. I understand that it's cheap, but it also looks generic as fuck.

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Google Play is nothing like Spotify, might be similar to Apple music though I've never tried it. I stick to 8tracks because automated curation somehow always throws really shitty songs into the mix, while selected people I have chosen to follow who have great taste in music do not.