GrabCar - Love at first... - (2015) 4:00 (Thailand)

SaatchiBKK, that's the one in Bangkok Thailand, has this ad for the über-alike category. Taxi app is an app where you can order any type of car & ride you need, and apparently this little lady needs to fall in love, which she promptly does at the first sight of her handsome driver. Four minutes of silly love-story later, we reach the tagline: Love at first sit. Oh dearie me, we spent four minutes working our way to a pun tagline. *Hides face in hands* Still, the love-story is adorably told with a well cast couple who look fetching together, so why not. It'll work in Thailand, where ads are famously mini-movies that make your sob like a baby - Boy Doctor and Unsung Hero come to mind - or just jawdrop at the surreal ghosts and oddness like the Sylvania light bulb ad.

Ad agency: Saatchi BKK

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