Harlequin "Make a date with a Viking" (2017) 1:22 (Canada)

Just like make a date with a cowboy this hidden-camera spot for Harlequin Romance novels features one of the most popular male characters in the series-- a viking. In this spot the viking takes his date bowling. But it's mostly a lot of holding feet and caressing and sucking face. And then hurrying out of the bowling alley because they don't need to be in a bowling alley, they need to be in a boning alley.
Boning alley. Come on guys, think it through. Very amusing spot, although the hidden looks aren't quite as priceless as in the cowboy spot. The bowling alley didn't look that crowded and also then you're bowling you tend to focus on the pins. Still, this is easily campaignable and I think the woman was better cast here, too. She goes from "oh my god what are we doing, I can't believe I lucked out," to "okay be serious ,let's bowl," to "let's get out of here like right now, just throw our shoes over the counter" in a very believable way.

Client: Harlequin Enterprises
Creative Director, Romance Fiction: Tony Horvath
Senior Director of Marketing, Series & Digital Publishing: Farah Mullick
Director, Romance Publicity & Events: Michelle Renaud
Brand Manager, Retail Marketing: Beth Witkowski

Agency: BBDO Toronto
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Denise Rossetto
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Todd Mackie
VP, ACD, Art Director: Joel Pylypiw
VP, ACD, Copywriter: Chris Booth
Broadcast Producer: Tracey Azzopardi
Account Director: Paul Forrest
Account Supervisor: Zach Kula

Production Company: Circle Productions
Executive Producer: Andria Minott
Director: Timothy Hamilton
DOP: Doug Koch
Producer: Erica Parks
PM: Warren Milando

Post House: Saints Editorial
Executive Producer: Stephanie Hickman
Editor: Stephen Sora

Audio House: Grayson Matthews
Producer: Kelly McCluskey

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I can't stop laughing. Yes, the actress did a tremendous job, but 7 foot tall Viking dude kept a straight face when attempting to bowl by throwing the ball over his head which was amazing too. They were the perfect mismatch.