Independent artists for the copyright directive: Just Say #Yes2Copyright

Debbie Harry, a.k.a Blondie by virtue of being the lead singer in one of the most iconic 80s bands, writes today in the Guardian that "Musicians like me need to fight against the giants of YouTube and Google" 

The EU is on the verge of adopting a law that will significantly improve the ability of the creative community to secure fair deals for the use of their work by user-uploaded content services such as YouTube. This legislation, namely article 13 of the proposed copyright directive, would fix a fundamental flaw in the music market known as the “value gap”, where fair revenues are not being returned to those who make the music by these platforms.

While Blondie uses her well-established global fame to garner attention to the issue, a group of independent artists got together to use their talents, and created a song in one day to espouse "just say yes to the Copyright Directive". Any proceeds from this song will be donated to musical charities. 

And they monetized it on the Youtube platform.

Only crux is that they'll only get €0.00063 for each view...  - oh I see what you did there guys...

As an idea to hammer home the point, it's pretty good. As a song, it's actually really nice and may become a hit in its own right. Execution-wise, the text on sound recording footage is little difficult to follow. But still, kudos for paring it down to the point - the artists are not the people who make the money on these huge platforms. And that ain't right.

Creative credits to all independent artists involved in this song:

Newton Faulkner
The Maccabees
The Mystery Jets
Shingai (Noisettes)
Beth Lowen
Fiona Bevan
Billy Lockett
Tom Hewson
Jean-Michelle Jarre

Ad & Production mix : Cameron Craig

Engineer and ad production: Steph Marziano

Produced by Legacy

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The man Fandango's picture

I guess they are happy now that the directive passed.

It is a catchy song though.

Love Independent Artists's picture

I love this idea, and the song is really good. I can't tell where Jean-Michelle Jarre's synth comes in but that's pretty cool.

The Mystery Jets Fan's picture

I think this is great, but I agree with you that the text is difficult to follow.

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