Jantzen - When your number one, says Cousy, you don't have to try as hard - 1965, print

When your number one, says Cousy, you don't have to try as hard

This is the philosophy of the Jantzen International Sports Club: Relax, enjoy and stay on top. When it's water, insist on staying on top. At left, Frank Gifford, membership committee chairman, has on the water ski blue and whites, about $6.95. John Severson, big wave surfer and publisher of SURFER magazine, wears the surfer's shirt and snug trunks, each about $5.00. Bob Cousy, director general, wears the new combed cotton swim sweater, for about $6.95; his trunks are a dollar less. Terry Baker has on the wide-stripe trunks, for about $6.95. Many colors, many styles that stay comfortable all day, in the water or out. Tom Kelley took the picture in Acapulco, near the Caleta, a Western International hotel, desitantion of recent club expedition. 


Sportswear for sportsmen.  

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