Jeep "Ride Swap" (2019) :57 (USA)


"Holy shit, it's Jeremy Renner."

"Yeah. Look, I know you just rolled up this diner to eat, but lemme borrow your Jeep."

"Uh. Why?"

"Just lemme do it."

"You have a tour bus right there. It has your name all over it."

"Right. Well, you can hitch a ride with them."

"What's a road house tour, anyway? Are you pretending you aren’t famous?"

"Just get in the bus. You can come to the show."

"Get in there? With those people from central casting? One of them just called you "Jer." Do you really go by "Jer?"

"You’re on the guest list to my show. I recorded music in my house. I even licensed it to this Jeep commercial so I make money, since no one buys songs any more."

"So let me get this straight. You're gonna steal our car and then force us to hear you sing? I knew Hollyweird was fucked up but this is beyond fucked up."

"I'll give you the Jeep back when I'm done."

"Fine. Whatever. But listen--PLEASE promise you won't try to go off-roading in it or get out of the car and start dancing in the sand because I really don't want you tracking sand in my car. You hear me? No sand in my car. Promise."




Client: Fiat Chrysler

Agency: DDB

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So I take back that they wanted to be at the real Pappi + Harriet's, like I commented on the other ad. They just drove to the Mojave desert. All NCIS fans will recognize that green diner as the place where Jenny was shot in "Judgment Day". It's actually the Four Aces film set, it's been used in Identity, Torque and House of 1000 corpses.

So the stage he sings on is "Club Ed", a set built in 1990 for the Dennis Hopper film Eye of the storm. That set has been seen in music videos like “The death of you and me” by Noel Gallagher, and in several other movies since too.

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These kinds of informative comments are why I come here. Seriously.

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