Kia Optima - Walken Closet - (2016) :90 (USA)

It's a well known fact that Christopher Walken can talk about bean salad and make it sound trademark Christopher Walken dramatic, so why not have him sell a Kia car by using sock puppets? The worst part of the ad is the pun; "check the Walken closet"
And by worst I mean I'm sad I can't have a Walken closet. I'd be in there asking for shoe advice all day long. "The PURPLE. Glitter. Platform. HEELS would add. PIZAZZ to. YOUR meeting suit."

This is the extended version, a 60 second version will air during the super bowl. David&Goliath have also partnered with kickstarted sock marketer Stance and Influential which used Watson to identify so-called social media influencers and match their personalities to KIA. The identified influencers were given a pair of colorful Stance socks, and were "encouraged to share how they 'add pizzazz' to their daily life.
"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half", oh I think I know.

ad agency: David&Goliath

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