Lürzer‘s Archive Schoolarship awarded for the very first time

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How can one improve on a product whose contents one does not make oneself? This is a question that Lürzer’s Archive pondered in depth before deciding that the best way to make Lürzer’s Archive even better is to produce better creatives. And what better way to do so than to support promising but penurious applicants to Miami Ad School by awarding them a scholarship?

The very first Lürzer’s Archive Schoolarship has been awarded to Katrina Mustakas from Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, who spent the last four years waiting on tables and managed, during that time, to smash no less than 237 glasses. “A waitress that talented just has to go into advertising”, said Miami Ad School and Lürzer’s Archive to themselves, especially since she already has a BA in Advertising and Public Relations, and is currently completing a course in graphic design.

Katrina Mustakas describes herself as the happiest girl in the world. We, for our part, are now expecting her to make us happy with some truly fantastic submissions - beginning with our Students Award before going on to contribute work to the magazine proper. This, in turn, will soon make Lürzer’s Archive one of the happiest endowers of scholarships.

Incidentally, the next Schoolarship will be awarded in October 2010. All Miami Ad School applicants are eligible, no matter where in the world they may happen to be. All they require is a letter explaining why they need the Schoolarship more urgently than anyone else. If the reasons given are persuasive enough, and the portfolio absolutely first-class, the chances of winning are pretty good.

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So, are scholarships are only available to those who study/apply to at the Miami Ad school? Another reason my cousin should apply there then.