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Meet The UnLuckiest Copywriter In The Universe

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Meet The UnLuckiest Copywriter In The Universe



At the best of times, landing a job as a creative in adland takes more than just talent. Then, how much more in these interesting times?



Although we're shy to admit it openly, most people belief in luck, however they choose to define it. Every so often, successful figures from all walks of life reveal in the media the somewhat irrational fetish things they do that, they claim, bring them good luck. 



To create his own good luck, a newly minted graduate of the Miami Ad School positions himself as the Unluckiest Copywriter in the Universe. Yes, you didn't read that incorrectly. Kindly follow his story on his portfolio website: www.whoisthatdu.de.  There, you discover how he yields to the advice of a Chinese psychic and finds good luck in the weirdest little things of life. Ironically, you're likely to notice that he has some beginner's luck which ad agencies can tap into and luckily set a world record in the Guinness book by hiring the unluckiest copywriter ever.  Before you start asking yourself who is that du.de? Please visit his URL of same nomenclature: www.whoisthatdu.de




Agency: Miami Ad School 

Copywriter: Babatunde Adebola

Digital designer: Niclas Hellberg

URL to the Portfolio website:www.whoisthatdu.de


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