Metro Manners PSA: Super Kind: Eating (2017) 1:52 (USA)

Super Kind is back, informing Metro L.A. riders that eating will not be tolerated on the Metro because it is rude. Unless you inhale your food like a vacuum that is, and then it's totally fine. Again like Seat Hogging and Aisle Blocking this campaign suffers from duration, and as fun as it is, the concept doesn't warrant a nearly two minute spot.

Client & Original Concept: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)
Director of Social Media Marketing- John Gordon
Digital Communications- Bunrort Em
Senior Marketing & Communications Officer- Ebby Castillo
Metro Design Studio- Michael Lejeune & Melissa Rosen
Metro PR Lead- Dave Sotero
Metro PR- Anna Poem-Chen

Creative Production Studio: Lord Danger
Director: Mike Diva
Starring: Anna Akana
Exec. Producer: Josh Shadid
Producer: Shyam S Sengupta
Cinematographer: Aaron Grasso
Rude Dude Costuming: Fon Davis of FONCO
Super Kind Costuming: Lauren Matesic of Castle Corsetry

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