The Mirror Foundation - The Missing Look-alike - helping find missing people (2016)

This is very very clever. The "Missing Look-alike" campaign (คนหายหน้าเหมือน in Thai) is firmly rooted in science. “Scientifically, people’s brains are wired to more easily remember new information when it is connected to information that they are already familiar with.” said Suthisak Sucharittanonta, Chairman and CCO of BBDO Bangkok. “…and this brain miracle is what inspired the campaign.”

Brain miracle. Associative Memory based on visual information is a pretty clever way to get people to remember these faces. Because they will via the facebook page try and associate themselves, celebrities or their friends faces to the missing people, thereby ensuring that this campaign will go viral. It already has in Thailand.

“We first let well-recognized, public figures help find missing persons with faces similar to their own.” said Kusuma Ruchakityanon, Associate Creative Director BBDO Bangkok. “Many popular Thai celebrities joined the campaign, including Khun Dilok Thongwattana , Khun Ae Maneerat Kamouan, Khun Ounruen Rachot, Khun Pichet Iemchaona, Khun Nuannong Jamikorn, Khun Nirun Boonyarattaphan, Khun Supathat Opas, and Khun Ravich Therdwong, which helped give the campaign and missing persons much needed exposure. Our hope is that the campaign will continue naturally with the general public using faces of friends, relatives, or celebrities, to aid recognition.” she continued. And people have joined in, in spades. For once the viral component is actually useful, as people looking through the images may actually find some of the missing people - and they can be returned home and to their loved ones.

Clients: The Mirror Foundation
Agency: BBDO Bangkok

Chief Creative Officer : Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Executives Creative Director : Chalit Manuyakorn
Asso. Creative Director : Kusuma Ruchakityanon
Creative Group Head : Tiabtawan Limjittrakorn
Art director : Pakorn Inthachai / Vorathep Onlamul
Copywriter : Kusuma Ruchakityanon/ Chatchanit Yenjai
Client Service Director : Arunee Rueangwattanaporn
Account Director : Wachira Ampornpachra
Account Manager : Sununthana Aunchananun / Lapasrada Savikul
Producer :Yathip Thanitthanaphat/Jirapan Vasanabunsongserm

Production Company : TRITON
Director : Sihabutr Xoomsai
DOP/ Photographer : Assada Sreshthaputra
Sound Production Company : Cine sound

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