Nike Russia "Instaposters" (2015) 1:45 (Russia)

I know this is supposed to be inspiring for women athletes, but if Nike was creeping instagram and then taking my content and turning it (and me) into the star of a Nike ad without paying me, I'd be all kinds of pissed. That's not motivation. That's turning me into a shill for Nike.

Client: Nike Russia
Philip Jacobson, Asya Shustitskaya, Tatiana Khydyakova
Agency: Instinct
Creatives: Nikolai Fabrika, Olga Veretinskaya, Maxim Demkin
Producers: Anna Chaplygina, Tatyana Chepko
Accounts: Natalya Yasonova, Elena Tochilkina
Social: Darya Tulupova, Alexandra Surina
Street art partners: Zuk Club

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They might have paid Instagram for the rights to use the images, remember their TOS change?
Still, in most countries one would require a model release in order to use someones likeness. I'm pretty sure that's not the case in Russia however.