Petra Nemcova advertises Rampage jeans, but forgot her top.

Definitions of rampage

  • violently angry and destructive behavior
  • act violently, recklessly, or destructively
  • What the advertiser hopes men will go on as they raid stores for their own pair of Rampage jeans, after seeing Sports Illustrated model Petra Nemcova topless wearing nothing but said skin tight Rampage jeans and heels.

    I dunno, I'm guessing that's the plan anyway.

  • Rampage

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    adrants's picture

    Though men may, in fact, rampage their way to the store, will they really buy women's jeans for themselves? OK, maybe for their girlfriends:-)

    Imanaddy's picture

    Those heels are awful. They should have left her barefoot.

    Wendall's picture

    I can sort of understand why an ad for female clothing would use an attractive model, but what's up with those women's health magazines that feature sexually suggestive covers?