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Phil'er Up - It's a long drive to badland.

What the heckamadoodle could these two seemingly unrelated commercials ever have in common? Well, see for yourself. Watch the first one for Cadbury Dairy Milk at their Glass and a Half Full Productions site. Then, watch the promo spot for ABC's Carpoolers here (Cadbury's Gorilla is available here in the commercial archive).

Yikes. Freaky-deaky Badland city.

*gorilla playing drums - this was added by dabitch for searching purposes.

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Sputnik_Barconi's picture

Ha! Outclassed by a gorilla.

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The teaser in the newspaper for the Cadbury's commercial was a close-up of the gorilla's face with the line "He's been waiting for this moment for all of his life." The background was Cadbury's purple, and the glass-and-a-half logo was in the corner, but it looked like it was leading up to a big conservation promotion, or even a conservation programme. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn't.

Dabitch's picture

God they do know how to pull out all the stops when doing a crazy idea in the UK, don't they? Like that.

As for the music twinnage, wow, I can feel it, must be in the air.. tonight.. *fails miserably at drumming at the right time*

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Yes that was great! 

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The "A glass and a half of joy" Gorilla ad just made my year. That is plain beautiful. Nobody does a better Phil than that gorilla. I had to watch it ten times. Still laughing.

Jacques Meoff's picture

Pretty sweet. I hope the follow-up features Jane Goodall on the cowbell.

Dabitch's picture

Today we got so many people searching on "gorilla playing drums" (yes, that specific) that I figured I should add it to the post so people find it.

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One more -

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Meh. The idea isn't 'a gorilla drumming' but rather 'everyone does that Phil Collins solo', IMHO.