Qiaobi 俏比 - Black man washed = Chinese man (2016) :30 (China)

In this ad - which is actually a remake of a creative idea seen in this Italian ad ten years ago - a Chinese woman is doing the washing when a black handyman (painter, we assume) comes into the room and starts flirting with her. Ever resourceful, the woman beckons the man, then shoves a washing powers capsule in his mouth and throws him into the washing machine. Out comes a sparkling clean Chinese man after the rinse is done. Naturally, there's an international outcry about the ads racism - but here in Adland we're more appalled by the acting, horrific lighting, poor editing and atrocious soundtrack.

On a completely unrelated note, "俏比" look like "easy" in Swedish (Lätt).

Client: Shanghai Leishang Cosmetics

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