Radiohead "Lift" (2017) 4:10 (UK)

Area man rides the elevator, feels alienated from society. But wait! The elevator door opens to reveal another elevator! And in that elevator, is a man, dressed just like the other man! So the man walks over and realizes that the other man is wearing a wig!

*dramatic hamster gif*

Is this a Radiohead video or an existential episode of Scooby Doo? "Lift," was a lost classic from Radiohead recorded and originally intended for "OK Computer." It's been given its formal due on the 20 year anniversary reissue of OK Computer, called OKNOTOK.

Director: Oscar Hudson
Exec Producer: Rik Green
Commissioner: Phil Lee
Producer: Matt Posner
Production Manager: Heba Elgamal
Production Assistant: Rebecca Green
1st Assistant Director: Ty Hack
2nd Assistant Director: Maddy Wilson
3rd Assistant Director: Sam Greaves
Runners: Elisha Voller
Runners: Pier Nobleberry
Runners: Ashleigh Lim
Lighting Cameraman: Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Focus Puller: Spike Morris
DIT: Ewan Macfarlan
Key Grip: Ben Freeman
Wardrobe Mistress: Celestine Healy
Wardrobe Assistant: Molly Green
Make-up: Oli Flowers
Make-up Assistant: Ellen Rutherford
Hairdresser: Josh Goodwin
Hairdresser Assistant: James Kendall
Gaffer: Seth Crosby
Electrician: Jack Knott
Electrician: Dom Lake
Desk Op: James Shurlock
Production Designer: Luke Moran-Morris
Art Director: Mia James
Set Decorator: Laura Astruc
Buyer: Georgina Norris
Standby Construction: Dexter Turner-Ramsey
Art Dept Assistant: Tom Dawe-O’Driscoll
Art Dept Assistant: Rose Fox Lewis
Art Dept Assistant: John McIntosh
Art Dept Assistant: Kaitlin Hazel
Art Dept Assistant: Kate
Art Dept Assistant: John McIntosh
Art Dept Assistant: Johannes Charman
Construction Manager: Richard Morrell
Construction: Henry Hatton-Brown
Construction: Nathan Eviden
Construction Josh Antrobus
Construction: Bill Burton
Dog Handler: Benjy Alfreds

Editor: Oscar Hudson
Post Producer: Sophie Hogg @ MPC
Colourist: Kai Van Beers @ MPC
Flam Artist: Jonathan Box @ MPC
Nelson Tavares, Stephen Burgess, Enrico Ronchetto, Neerav Dahya, Jerome Blake, Robert Benjamin, Jean Paul, Robert Hasznosi, Aaron Hotfelder, Rennie Pilgrem, Raymond Andrew, Lorraine Malby, William Forbes-Hamlton, Sheila Vivian, Tunde Hall, Joe Miller, Ida Gutowska, Catarina Moreno, Szilvia Maria Lener, Pia Laborde-Noguez, Eddie Goatman, Samuel Fasano, Freddie Mason, Sasha Plaige, George Ramsay, Lottie the Dog, India Blake Green.

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