Samsung "Virtual motivation" (2016) 3:40 (Sweden)

New Mills AFC is the worst football club in England. They hadn't won a game all season. The town doesn't even both to show up to the games. Something had to be done. Enter: Samsung. The equipped the entire team with Samsung Gear VR–glasses so they could receive a pep talk from none other than Harry Redknapp. And was incredibly inspiring and motivating. So did they go out there and win? No! When I saw that I had to laugh. Okay, so all that technology for a virtual pep talk and they are still the worst team, eh? So much for VR. What I will say is this: Harry Redknapp's speech which you can see below, is a treat. With just the right amount of keyboard schmaltz and inspirational words. "Winning is a choice....on the pitch and in life." Nice touch his calling out those guys by name, too.

Client: Samsung Nordic
Marketing Director: Adam Fors

Agency: DDB Stockholm
Art Director: Joel Ekstrand
Copywriter: Nick Christiansen
Account Manager: Susanne Ytterlid
Account Director: Christian Westelindh
Business Director: Jacob Sandström
Planner: Patrick Wilkorsz
Graphic Designer: Sebastian Reinbring
Agency Producer: Mattias Coldén

Production Company: ACNE
Film Production: House
Director: Anders Jedenfors
Producer: Kalle Wettre
Music: SacredSacred
Post Production: Chimney

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