Start diving now, traffic sign ads by water

The week before the Wilderness Fair, which is held the 16th -18th of March in Stockholm, The Swedish Dive Association created this guerrilla campaign of modified traffic signs to lure visitors to their Diving Village, a part of the Wilderness Fair.

Those not familiar with Stockholm, here's some silly trivia - it's built on 14 major islands and has 54 bridges, in others words there's water practically everywhere. The signs carry the text www.bö (start diving now), encouraging readers to hop in - or hop on their website to find out more. You can swim in Stockholms waters but I wouldn't reccomend it at this spot nor now. It's cold man! (more pics inside)

Here's the sign across the water from the The Royal Castle in Stockholm. More trivia: it has 605 rooms and is the biggest castle in the world still used by a King - and it's just his office. Jammy bastard.

And here's another sign with the Swedish Parliament in the background.

The Swedish Dive Association is an organization with members from producers, retailers, distributors, educators and other leading companies within Swedish diving. The Swedish Dive Association is a new organization established in 2004 and consists of: CBM Products, Dan Berg, Dyk & Resespecialisten, PADI, Poseideon, Scubapro/Uwatec, The Wilderness Fair at Stockholm Int. Fair, Dive Sweden, DYK Magazine and Waterproof.

The campaign was created by Miami advertising agency.

Update: Stockholm city are not happy, demand that the signs be removed immediately (Resumé).

Miami Advertising, Gothenburg Sweden

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true. just FUN! ;P

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I went to the web page on the sign, and I was surprised to see this!

Not all species of sharks are dangerous, but some are. Don't divers normally try to avoid sharks? Are the Swedish crazy?

Sharks in Swedish waters

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Maybe we're crazy. I've snorkled with sharks (wee blue bahamian ones mind you) - I was too freaked to actually dive, but had no problem swimming all alone with 30-40 sharks circling me as I watched the other people dive a shipwreck about 40 feet down. Man they have some clear waters in the bahamas.

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Update. Resume reports that the city of Stockholm are mighty upset with these signs as they both look like traffic signs, and are posted without permission.

"There is no permission for this. They'll have to remove those signs at once. The signs can cause trouble in traffic. We are extremly restrictive when it comes to ways of mounting signs. The poles are rusty and can get damaged," says Mats Freij Information secretary at the city traffic office

Interesting, traffic sign posts in Stockholm are so rusty that a cardboard sign might saw it in half. Who knew?

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Swimming with sharks that aren't dangerous isn't crazy. ;)

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"There is no permission for this."

If permission needed, and how does one get permission?

"The signs can cause trouble in traffic."

There are many things that can cause trouble in traffic. How exactly can these signs cause trouble in traffic?

"The poles are rusty and can get damaged."

It looks to me like the signs are mounted on existing sign poles. The sign poles are rusty and can get damaged before or after The Swedish Dive Association sign is attached?