Svensk Fastighetsförmedling Realtor - Times Change (2017) :30 (Sweden)

This is a stylistic time-travel through housing trends that in hindsight may look like terrible ideas. In the black & white thirties a woman measures the height of the ceiling and suggests they lower it. Her husband looks up to the ceiling, staring at the chandelier. Fast forward to the fifties and a happy homemaker glues modern linoleum floors over the classic fishbone oak wood. *Shudder* "Look how well this works, honey, and it'll be so practical" he exclaims.

In the umbrella cocktail party seventies, chain-smoking people in gaudy outfits in rooms with gaudy wallpapers show off their fancy brown bathroom that has a matching bidet. "Honey, we need one of these too!" yells the impressed guest to her significant other. Nothing wrong with a bidet, but the wheat, mustard and avocado coloured toilets might need a rethink.

Finally in modern times we enter a stylish apartment that seemingly has no walls at all. "What an open planning" the woman exclaims, impressed, while her beau looks up to the ceiling as if concerned it might fall down. "Wasn't this a three room apartment before?" Good visual nod to the start of the ad.

Times change, the VO says, "keep track of the situation" he offers as you can simply phone up this real estate agent to figure out much your apartment may be worth today. Despite the avocado coloured tub.

Client: Svensk fastighetsförmedling
Title: Tiderna Förändras - få koll på läget

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