Thai Airways - Wanderlust - 2009 - Spec

A commercial that transports the viewer from the mundane, rainy everyday life to
magical, dreamy Asia aboard the air carrier Thai Airways.
Spec Commercial.

Director: Emil Kahr Nilsson
Cinematographer: Simon Mouridsen
1st AC.: Bastian Schiøtt
Producer: Bjarke Hjorth Madsen, Charles W Goings, Pak Chaisana
Copy Writer: Jon Goldtsche
Production Company: Rain or Shine Productions & Grant Elephant Productions
Line Producer: Agnes Tine Tollbøll
Sound Designer: Anne Gry Friis Kristensen
Music Producer: Marco Frydshou
Telecine: James Bamford, The Mill London
Lab: Film Lab Cph
Lighting & Grip: Martin Riello,
Michel Toft, Anton Thykier
Benjamin Kirk, Wingrip
PA: Helene Hoby, Noomi Frazier, Helene Hoby
Costumes: Franciska Hjermov

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