Thai Health Promotion Foundation - Smoking Kid - guerilla (2012) Thailand

Ogilvy were tasked with the issue of reminding adult smokers that smoking is like , bad for you mmm'kay? Adult smokers tend to puff away on the cancer-sticks and ignore that, but when a kid asks them for a light they turn into surgeon general mouthpieces even listing statistics while telling the kids it's bad for you.

This little idea, sending these kids out to smokers ask for a light, is brilliant. It's a good insight, because as a former chain-smoker who knows that you need to have something as powerful as nicotine to help you out of its clutches, it's for the kids / the future, that we can quit.
(In my case, specifically one little kid who is chock-full of awesome. Momma loves you sugarplum.)

Ad agency : Ogilvy Thailand

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