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Toyota Camry Thrillride vs #NissanROYL

Looks like it's time to Badland the car bait&switch. First Toyota showed us the ThrillRide last year, where a track was built outside Magic Mountain, and excited roller coaster fans got to try being passengers in a "boring" car doing all sorts of un-boring tricks. The stunt drivers went fast, up, down, in reverse and the passengers all were surprised that Camry could be so exciting. Like, wow.

Toyota Camry - Thrillride 2013

Now, along comes Nissan with "Ride of Your Life" a.k.a #NissanROYL.a snappy hashtag that is a little too close to YOLO for my comfort. I'm sure somebody brought up the last tweet from aspiring rapper Ervin McKinness, who tweeted about driving drunk and drifting corners only minutes before he killed himself in a car crash. If you're a car brand, stay away from YOLO. Seriously.

The bait&switch with Nissan differs in that they are tricking the passengers to believe it's a really hot Nascar racecar, these fans come for a day of racecar geekery and get a ride on a racetrack with real racecar drivers as a bonus on top. It's all very elaborate, and actually that's where it fails for me. See, the Magic Mountain roller-coaster crowd are genuinely surprised. They cued up to take a little ride in a Toyota before going on the "real" rollercoasters because, why not? The Nissan racecar crowd on the other hand seem... a little disappointed. They spent an entire day waiting to go in a racecar. They did not get a ride in a racecar.

Or perhaps that just me, as I'm a little disappointed that Nissan didn't go with a more original idea, seeing as they're usually the more creative brand.

NISSAN - Ride of our life

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