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Typographic hugs, times two.

Here's a funny pair - on valentines day the Advertising & Graphic design School Berghs in Stockholm put up 650 posters over the city on the theme "Loveletters". One poster has some striking similarities to a recent campaign for the post created by M&C Saatchi Melbourne, way down on the other side of the planet.

see ads inside yo.

Rebecca Hannah (AD) & Doogie Chapman (CW)

I wonder what inspired these written-on-people-in-hugs recently? It's great image, it sticks out.

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Oh dear. Over at Resumé they posted this pairing as if it was directly stolen (please notice that I don't suggest that, I just say that the ideas are similar and wonder aloud what inspired these two as they were basically done at the same time), and now Resumé published an apology for suggesting that the student plagiarized. Actually their article doesn't really say that the student plagiarized the Post ad either, it just says "Adland discovered that it was similar to...", but someone put a title headline reading "Plagiarism in the name of love" and presto, there was trouble.

For those who never worked at a paper of any kind, I think its worth to point out that it is not the author of the article who sets the headline. But now the author of the article had to apologize for something he really never said.

Sheesh, Badland gets people in all sorts of trouble, aye?

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The Aussie one is better.

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Well, yes, it has a connection to sending a letter (I rhymed! whohoo!)