Updating facebook in realtime via your bracelet x2

You remember the "real life like buttons that Coca Cola used in their amusement park back in 2010? A very simple idea, user data in IDF bracelets, allowed teens to "like" things as they enjoyed the park, and it updated their facebook in realtime. The park itself enjoyed the ability to brag about the most "liked" rides and the extended social media outreach gossiping teens provided.

As it turns out, it's not just teenagers in Israel that like showing everyone on Facebook what they are doing at any given moment. Thus we get the Real Life Like hotel, U Coral Beach Club Eilat. All guests receive an RFID bracelet that is connected to their facebook account, and throughout the hotel they can snap pictures that upload straight to their facebook page. The underwater photo op is my personal favorite. Now anyone who has a sunny vacation can update their facebook in realtime and let friends in far away cold lands know how much they're enjoying that beach by posing in front of the sunset, umbrella drink in hand.

Both of these ideas are a clever way of using peoples sharing-instinct one facebook by making it simple for them to do so. It's a smart way to get more social media attention. So while some enjoy registering their every move on Facebook other people are fighting scanners that registers your moves around town via your cellphone. Privacy, it's a strange beast these days, and it will be used in advertising. They weren't kidding in the minority report, you know.

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