Vimla - Call For Difference! (2016) :40 (Sweden)

When I wrote about the Love Story and said there was a multi-edit that aired in TV all winter, this is that multi edit. We see a lot of our different bobble-headed people ask themselves questions, like how they can make a difference in the world. This makes sense as it's selling the Vimla service, a phone network where you are a member and not a customer, where you and your votes do make a difference. Then it brings us to the end where Vimla also declare that they donate part of the profits to charity - answering the call to "can we consume without harming?" asked by one of the bobble-heads. In this context the 90s bobble-head look makes sense, these are the Vimla members. They're different. So different they're special snowflakes in a sea of snowflakes. I kind of wish there was a scene where everyone turned bobble-head as one bobble-head points to the others. Though that may be Body Snatchers territory. This was brought to you by the department : "I read into ads too much".

Short edits : Last Days oF Dancing and 15 second "make a difference".

Advertising Agency: Kärnhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
Production Company: baconcph
Director: Jakob Marky
Executive Producers: Ylva Axell, Tobias Reiner
Line Producer: Sarah Grey
Production Manager: Henrik Bel Gaeid
Director of Photography: Matt Chuang
Editor: Olivier Bugge Coutté / Monofilm
Online: Peter Marin
Grade: Julien Alary / Bacon OSL
Sound Editor: Martin Mighetto / Chimneygroup
Stylist: Bahareh Ardakani, Angelica Tibblin Chen / Independent kostym
Production Designers: Christer Jonsson, Emelie Ekenborn
Masks created by:
Music: Maja Francis – Last Days of Dancing - Universal Music Publishing

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