Volunteers for the Blind Foundation - Bright Clothes (2009) :30 (India)

A public service video looking for volunteers for the Blind Foundation, New Delhi, India.

Client: Volunteers for the Blind Foundation, New Delhi, India.
Voice over: Angelina Rai/Mindy Singh
Producer: Sudhir Datta
Company: I.T. Media Broadcasting (Vancouver, Canada)
Copywriter: Manu Chopra/Sunil Shibad

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smizzly_bob's picture

If I donate my eyes won't that make me blind then, replacing one problem with another, more or less identical one? And the words go by too quickly to read without pausing the video. And they overemphasized vision and its absence, as if there is no psychological component to advertising.

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I believe the idea is that you donate your eyes as an organ donation after you die. Highly doubt that anyone would be asking for people's eyes while they were still alive. ;)

smizzly_bob's picture

If that were the case then they should have specified. Ambiguity is yet another failing of this commercial.