Will Innocean win in Cannes with Kia flat faces, or will judges remember prior flat faces?

Oh Innocean, you've barely recovered from the suicide Hyundai ad debacle and now I see you're sending this to Cannes. (see also this idea was already done in 1997, and "officially older than dirt".)

Where it'll surely win something, if nobody remembers that we've seen it before. With enough rosé in the judges, anything is possible. But this is what I find funny, this visual with the flat-faced people you use to sell a car that hugs corners... Has also been used by Sanyo razors to show that their razors ignores corners. Back in 2007.

... and then in 2009 it was done by Samsung CCTV - concepted by Cheil Worldwide. Because flat faces sells all sorts of things.

You know, it might just be me, but a car that takes corners well could be sold by a poster, wrapped around a corner. Oops! That's been done too! Renault Laguna... Plus that opens up a whole 'nother badland can of worms, because there's lots of corner-billboards selling stuff out there.

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And to top it off… it proves a 2015 Cannes winner for YR Cape Town (Bronze Lion) once again. I'm booking this concept for 2025 guys. I want to win one to!!!

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The oddest thing in Cannes is when something wins Bronze one year and two years later another agency does the same idea and wins Grand Prix or gold. That has got to suck for the Bronze guys.

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Yep. That sucks. Cannes is also seeing all sorts of plagiarism that it refuses to acknowledge for it shows its own entries team and judges as being inefficient and incapable. Re: The much lauded Iron Fish Project. Wasn't this product designed in 2008? And then taken on by a proper firm in 2012? Before Geometry existed? Wonder how creatives can live with themselves and steal credit for someone else's work and how an agency can allow that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucky_iron_fish

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Why would we believe anything written in the Wikipedia? Anyone can edit that, at any time, and it's full of shit. Do you have an actual source?
Also, what's the point of linking the same clip Adland has but on youtube? http://adland.tv/commercials/lucky-iron-fish-2015-case-study-uae

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