WWF Extinct - using youtube searches to alert people. (2015) case film

The problem of extinction is growing quicker than ever. But how could this issue be highlighted? Geometry Global (Copenhagen office) figured out that that cute animals are a huge hit on YouTube so they posted online videos with cute thumbnails and titles, but when people try to watch them a message appears: 'This content is no longer available due to the deforestation of the world'.

Ah, what a rug-pull! How much did Youtube get paid for that?

"We had nearly a million PR/Twitter reactions, 1.25 million media impressions, 230,000 DKK in free media."

( I've never quite understood the calculations that conclude the cost sum of the media not paid for, but that's another discussion)

Ad agency: Geometry Global

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Elephant in the room: This was a pre-roll, right? Pretty preachy for a pre-roll, eh?

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No, it's not a pre-roll ad, it's an "instead of the video you expected". The media buy is the top search results for cute animals.