Sexy Camera soap dispenser "up-skirt" guerrilla

Oh god, remember that Axe upskirt mousepad thing? Here's a new variation - an upskirt soap dispenser.

Sexy Camera è la nuova candid camera erotica in onda da marzo su "FX", un canale della famiglia FOX Channels.

Wait, did they say family-channel? Ah, no, it says FX is part of the FOX channel-family. Phew. Wow this would be so much easier if the release was in a language I didn't have to guess my way around. (Fun fact, we get releases in French, Hebrew and Italian!) The actresses on the show are real porn stars I gather. These dispensers were placed in bars and gyms - mens rooms only.

Anyway, where was I - oh yeah, credits.

The ad agency is AM-NEWTON 21 , Rome
Luca Maoloni, Creative Director
Gabriella Ambrosio, Creative Director
Stefano Battistelli, Copywriter
andrea Savelloni, Art Director

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eeeeeew.. Works better with men doesn't it? ;) But alright, since it's an old joke-soap idea I'll label it dupliclaim.

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double ewwwww. I think I've lost my appetite for the day!

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I know. The Hoff always makes me loose my appetite. He should be depicted on Entmans packaging. ;P

caffeinegoddess's picture

Especially in "new hunky aroma"...that takes my mind to all kinds of dark, disturbing places.

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*goes green, promptly faints*

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When I first saw your comment on the "Recent Comments" list, I thought you were going "green" - i.e. environmentally low-impact. But when I saw where you commented, I understood the green to be your color.

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Ugh, this is so shit.