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Sony Bravia Rabbits London - Spec - (2008) :30 (UK)

Director: kobayashi
With a budget of exactly 0 bucks, Kobayashi did all the shooting, 3D animation, editing and compositing of this little ad, which is an ad for himself and not Sony Bravia. :)

Everything started as a "standard" test commercial to expand my director«s reel.
I really wanted to do my own piece of the "Sony Bravia" saga, but giving it an unconventional twist.
I also decided to follow the marketing strategy of the brand, landing this teaser on Youtube.
I then sent emails to the press and the blog community, just including the link to the video on YouTube.
The subject was really cryptic "New Sony Bravia teaser???"

With great and unexpected surprise in just 4 days more than 80 blogs published a news about the video.

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James_Trickery's picture

Which blogs were suckered?

Dabitch's picture

List in no particular order from just a quick google-glance:
CherryFlava - thoough they say it's fake.
Buzz is media

Honestly the HSBC Bank logo and other logos all over the streets should have tipped people off. I think that last French blog there noticed the HSBC logo and found it suspect too.

My fave - Brandrepublic got suckered! New Bravia Play-Doh ad gets London setting. ooops!

James_Trickery's picture

Not bad for 0 budget, and getting it in Brandrepublic was funny!

dirKobayashi's picture

Someone is still getting suckered!!!

This one put also the agency!!!

adlib's picture

Honestly, fake ads and scan ads are rampant now all over the web as ad sites fight to be the ones to post everything and I'm getting sick and tired of it.

I don't mean this ad, I think releasing a teaser and duping Brandrepublic was kind of funny, but that could only be done now that there's twohundred amatuer sites all trying to be Lürzers archive and none of them seem to check if the ad is real or not.

At least you marked the teaser spec. As long as one is clear on what work is real and what is spec, I'm fine with looking at good ideas.

Dabitch's picture

Can't blame the adblogs/sites only for this though - we've received lots of emails straight from X @ Agency Y with all credits and account people listed and not until after posting it has someone else from the agency informed us that the client never approved the concept. (Which means it should have been marked SPEC). Also, instead of letting us correct the post they ask us to remove it.

Very very annoying and some agencies now got themselves a reputation here, so it all depends on who sent the ad in - or if I can double-check with the CD before posting it.

I try my darndest not to post spec without marking it such, but with lots of emails straight from agencies every day, one assumes that the agency is telling the truth first, yaknow?

It's the freebie accounts to watch out for, like hotmail, gmail etc. That's when "scam ad" alarms go off loud.

purplesimon's picture

Yeah, you do see a lot of 'spec' ads out there all the time. Occasionally it costs people their jobs - remember the Lego creative that used the twin towers as its central idea? And what about the Saatchi & Saatchi work that time with the Doc Martens. That caused a Furore. You'd think people would be careful about sending out stuff that hasn't been approved and pretending it has.

purplesimon's picture

Not sure why I've written furore with a capital F. Late night, early morning...

Dabitch's picture

Man, that was just emphasis. Furore! Not just plain old wussy furore.

Yeah that Saatchi stunt got the entire agency fired from the account. Similar to when [the brand that should not be mentioned] showed some ads here and [the brand that should not be mentioned USA Headquarters] were so offended that they pressured the agency to ask us not only to remove the ads but also [the brand name that should not be mentioned]. A.k.a the whiteoutgate.

With the web being worldwide, that really bugged me. [brand USA HQ] making local offices remove campaigns from the web strikes me as very dumb.

adlib's picture

You can't blame young guns for trying really, some agencies have scam ad floors and a scam ad seen worldwide can make a career. Everyone wants to be Lee & Dan. Can't even trust the award shows anymore.

adlib's picture

What was the other brand that got deleted here recently? Burger King?

adlib's picture