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ESPN "Fan's best friend" (2017) :30 (USA)

Finding the ESPN app is like finding a new best friend. A lifelong companion. Until it crashes of course and then you get upset.

Client: ESPN
Agency: ESPN Creative Works
Senior Creative Director: Jay Marrotte
Creative Director: Jamie Overkamp
Content Production Studio: Big Block
Director: Cody Stokes
Managing Director: Kenny Solomon
Chief Content Officer: Tom Flanagan
EP/Live Action: Geno Imbriale
Line Producer: Dan Gartner
DP: Tristan Nyby
Production Designer: Ali Isaksen
Post Production: Big Block
Creative Director: Curtis Doss
EP/Post Production: Rhys Demery
Editor: Andrew Andersen
Post Producer: Andrew Gilson

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Updated to correct spelling on Sep 7, 2017.
I was not going to watch this but the voice in my head said, "There is absolutely no way ESPN/Dsney[sic] is going to create an |app| that allows live events in the market someone wants to watch". NBC sports live app is the benchmark that fox sports and ESPN x 4 channels can't match. All NFL, pro Baseball, pro Hockey and the list goes on has absolute control what gets on an app. Xfinity struck a deal where "In Home" & "on the Go" control what content goes to mobile, tablet, desktop and online. Sports is the most blacked out content -- "In home only" with some out of market games in "Go". i have been beating the stuffings out of these apps -- only 2 work as advertised; NBC mobile app and xfinity stream. Fox sports works most of the time but is worthless for auto racing live. ESPN app lasted 5 minutes on my mobile devices.

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Why do you add a "d" when you shorten advert? It's "ad"

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Apparently something was updating slow - name is filled in.

That word should be app. fixed.