KONE - Safety elevator - The little details - (2012) :30 (Finland)

Could you imagine having say, Otis elevators as your client? Like KONE they'd probably ask you to tell people how to use they human transporter-machines without getting hurt. That's what they're doing here and in KONE - Safety escalator

Minor user errors cause most accidents in elevators and escalators, but the consequences can be serious. Finnish elevator company KONE wanted to make a safety campaign about this issue - both internal and external. How do we communicate that without being condescending or preachy. We decided to focus on the little things: tie your shoelaces so they don't get stuck between escalator steps, press the "open door" button instead of jamming yourself between closing elevator doors, and help kids to use the equipment right. Little things matter in safety.

Copywriter Jonathan Mander
AD Essi Raunamaa
Creative Director Antero Jokinen
Client Team Director Sonja Eiramo
Producer Petra Yli-Hemminki

Woodpeckerfilm Helsinki
Director: Pete Veijalainen
Producer: Hannu Kalliolahti
Sound: Humina

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