Oatly - It's like milk for humans / “Wow No Cow” (2021) (USA)

"It's like milk, but for huuuuuuu-mans" The song name is “Wow No Cow” and that is indeed the CEO singing it.
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"I ❤️JK Rowling" banner temporarily back at Waverley train station, Edinburgh.

This Friday, people at Waverly train station were momentarily treated to another glimpse of the controversial "I ❤️JK Rowling" poster design

"Get a grip", the ASAI banned a Tampax ad, the ad has now gone viral, discussed everywhere

The ASAI upheld complaints that the ad contained general offense, but not that it was demeaning to women or had sexual innuendo.

The "I ❤️JK Rowling" billboard has been removed by Network Rail Scotland

Well, that didn't take long.
Kellie-Jay on Adland's podcast

The Adland Podcast ep 8: Kellie-Jay Keen "Woman" campaign creator on why it's so controversial.

Kellie-Jay, also known as Posie Parker, speaks with Dabitch on this episode of Adland's podcast about the "Woman" billboard campaign th

Mackmyra Whisky disputes advertising judgment by launching "Freedom Whiskey"

In Sweden, the advertising rules for alcohol are very strict.

SAS remove their "What is Scandinavian? Nothing" commercial after backlash

That was unexpectedly fast. SAS removed their "What is Scandinavian?

Liverpool’s "Woman" billboard is taken down by ad company after trans activists complain

A billboard with the dictionary definition of "woman" has been 'banned'.
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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has banned all adverts which portray "an unhealthy body image"

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has moved to ban from the city’s transport network adverts that promote unrealistic expectations about body image and

Rome bans "sexist advertising" to appear within city limits.

On Monday Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino announced a new regulatory plan on advertising in the city of Rome, which will take effect in the coming days.

If "grow up Harriet" becomes a meme, blame Protein World

Social media in general and Twitter in particular has become increasingly difficult for brands to find the right tone of voice to use in.
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Tyler the Creator Mountain Dew Ad pulled for being racist.

I'm really surprised to hear that the third installment of Odd Future cherub Tyler the Creator was pulled.
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Mountain Dew "Part 3" (2013) 1:00 (U.S.A.)

Starring Tyler the Creator and a goat and a battered woman. And this was pulled by Pepsi? Really?

Burger King - Crispy Chicken Wrap / Mary J Blige / banned ad - (2012)

Mary J Blige sing about Burger King's "Crispy chicken wrap with three cheeses" and bloggers are horrified.

"We Believe in Salivation" (almost) kissing priests Antonio Federici ad banned.

It's only been a month since the pregnant nun munching on ice-cream was pulled, now the latest Antonio Federici meets the banhammer.
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Pregnant nun munching on ice-cream offends Catholics

It's been probably six months since the last advertising offense toward Catholics, but we're at it again reports AP.
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Formerly bullied kids bully the Comviq ad off the air.

Daft ad film "ban" of the week, Comviq has decided to withdraw their new film "Choir" because viewers have taken offense at what t
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ASA reckons anti-terrorist ads are terrorising population with fear

The ASA have banned the ad for the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on the ground it is seriously offensive and makes an undue appeal to fear - thems my cliff n

Jarlsberg "the taste is in the holes" bumpers reported to the Consumer Ombudsman.. for sexism?

A woman in Norrköping has reported the Jarlsberg tv-show bumper idents to the Consumer Ombudsman for their "unpleasant" tagline: "the t

Tombola Bingo "Thank you Tito" ad banned by the ASA for being racist

Banned ad of the week, last years "Tombola Bingo" advert where a british upper class (and white) bloke sits on the beach in his tuxedo, havi

"Career women make bad mothers" ads withdrawn

The Guardian reports that the OAA campaign designed to promote the effectiveness of billboard advertising has withdrawn the poster that read: "Ca
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Suddenly, all ads are banned for homophobia? First Heinz, then Snickers - now Nike.

Stockholm is currently party-town with Stockholm Pride festival in full swing.

Lee Cooper Ad Exec Arrested For Poster in India

Gyro Worldwide alerts us the launch of their latest campaign for the English denim company Lee Cooper, which has garnered "an extreme reaction in

"My NHL" advertising campaign garners complaints

Last week the NHL broke a new advertising campaign titled "My NHL".

Christina Aguilera's naughty nurse ad canned


WE Spank fashion ad has been withdrawn after complaints.

WE Sweden are in trouble for the way they advertise their underwear.
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Grey Goose won't back down

Even though the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of the Better Business Bureaus and the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) agr
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another banned Levi's ad

<p><a href="">Yahoo biz!</a> reports that Levi's are suffering from

PETA got another billboard banned

Azcentral reports that a billboard featuring a sultry-looking Bonnie-Jill Laflin will not be seen in Helena.
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Islamists ban women in ads in Pakistan metropolis

"Our culture and values are different from the West," he said. "We want to protect women's honour.

Zoom Zoom Zoo-oops!

A Mazda spot has been yanked in Australia because they drove too fast

Guinness - Lava - aka Volcanos, Committees, Whiners and Beer

After receiving a few humourless complaints, it seems that the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland decided yesterday to ban a Guinness commerc
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Comes the executioner - banned ads

This month the ict have brung down it`s axe on many ads. XBOX CHAMPAGNE BBH This ad,which featured a very short life (Lit

7up, starring Buck Nekkid - It's the Mountain Dew of deja vu.

After seeing that 7up has agreed to pull its "Captive Audience" spot, I an reminded of what happened last year with 7up, pixilated nudity an

7up pulls prison spot

The little old ladies from... prison?

Last years banned ads


Naked Sophie scores even more free PR.

The now infamous Sophie Dahl Opium ad has become the most offensive ad of 2000. It'll go down in history kids!

Slag = bad / Pot Noodle "Slag of all snacks" campaign banned

Pot noodle has recived the final blow to it's slag campaign As if being knocked up to 9PM watershed and having the slogan changed wasn't

Tango - Megaphone men force a message - (1998) :10 (UK)

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