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Most expensive "photo copy" of an ad


Trivia Chain - are you game?


Welcome to Marlboro ads

Marlboro - CNY - (1995) 0:90 (Hong Kong)


Coke / Coca-Cola - Hilltop Reunion (1990) - 0:60 (USA)

Virginia Slims - Women in business Fenton Falls 1903 - printad (1985(

"Virginia Slims remembers all the women who were in business in Fenton Falls in 1903"

More - It's more you - 1982, printad

"It's More you"

Virginia Slims - He was pardoned, she wasn't (1981) printad

"In 1908, while fleeing the Hill County Jail, convict Sid Haugen caught Sande Lee smoking a cigarette"

Virginia Slims - Lights - in the crush proof box (1980) printad

Men have over 30 brands of low tar cigarettes. You have Virginia Slims Lights."

More - "I'm More Satisfied" (1980) printads

"I'm not easily satisfied with most things, but More gives me what I want"

Virginia Slims - Professor Swabon (1979) printad

"In 1908, Professor Swabon proved that for every action there was an equal and opposite reaction."

Virginia Slims - Indian Love call / You've come a long way baby (1979) printad

"In 1902, in the midst of an Indian love call, Miss Sally surprised Mountie Bob by lighting up a cigarette."

Marlboro - "Come to where the flavor is." solitary cowboy - print 1966 USA

Come to where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro Country. 

Marlboro - All the world enjoys a Marlboro - print, 1964

"A satisfied customer"
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