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That Hitler Frisbee ad making the rounds? Not a real ad.

So yeah, Buzzfeed says "I am not going to contact the Danish Frisbee Sports Union to ask them if this is a real ad, but you're welcome to.

DYCCA 2011 - Hitler Frisbee - Danish Frisbee Sport Union

This was entered as a response to the brief in the Danish Young Creative Circle Awards 2011.

Bound to happen: Hitler reacts to Hitler-meme takedown.

AIDS.de - Sex with Hitler - (2009) :30 (Germany)

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1 Comment

HUMO - Mixing Cultures Osama bin Laden Cowboy / Hitler rastafarian / Mao Jazz / W Bush Bollywood (2006) Posters (Belgium)

Our friends at mortierbrigade in Belgium sent in this poster campaign. "An ad campaign made for the Belgian weekly magazine HUMO.
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