Useful social media tips from Grandma

Bloody Hammer. (Agency 358, Helsinki)

Toshiba 3D TV - Less Body, Less Fun - print, Israel

Print: 95.5FM – Escape to reality - print ads Israel

Oreo's social media "posters" are a daily treat.

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United Colors of Benetton Campaign Wins Press Lion Grand Prix

ThinkLA awards in pieces

Swiffer Telescopic Duster - The Planet (print)

Bering: Fisherman's Tale (Russia)

Mugshot yourself: Police Reality TV App

Sibelius Academy: Visual Identity.

Greenpeace: Less Boats More Fish

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ASSS - Heart in distress / Sound billboard - Canada.

Kim Kardashian for Midori: "Stand Out" Billboards

Case Study Bingo Cards

Jameson Irish Whiskey - Pub Paintings - (2012)

NYT battle - Real Life game - NYT.fi

Dental Implants - Smile - It's only cute when you're young

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Graham Fink with shedloads of awards

the IPA made Adland Lego figures, collect them all!

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Advil - Headaches up close - print.

The worlds asvertising review

Hub Strategy Releases Out of Home Campaign for USF


Kia - Spill


Doritos giant vending machine stage at #sxsw

Choko la - the candy wrapper business card , yum.

AXA, a house weeps in Antwerp

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Panorama Hair Transit Ad

Peugeot uses naked, cheating man to sell the 208

Americans for Grammar - Biatch / Fuk the sistem

TUI Valentines Day - Roses print ad.


Wurst - Valentines Day ad

PPC Cement - Brick - print, South Africa

Hub Strategy/The Utility Collective PLYprints

Harley-Davidson - Baby - print 2011

Michael Mayer Voice Artist - Iceberg / Nature - print

St Matthew in the City - Pray like it's 1987

Lego - Caterpillar / Whale / Monster - (2011)

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RAC Roadside Assistance - Vulture Billboard

Speeders Beware – You Are on a Digital Billboard

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Smartset - "for all the living you do in between"


PETA strips George Clooney's ex-girlfriend naked.


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