Bluebus Brazil: Adland ‘ressuscitou’

Elder sister site Bluebus Brazil (one year older than Adland) noted our return.

Copywriter attempts to get date - gets press instead.

BrandEquity: If she's crying, she's buying: Are brands manipulating female consumers?

Brand Equity did an excellent digging on the topic of Femvertising in: If she's crying, she's buying: Are brands manipulating female consume

Featured in "Innovation & Kommunikation" Resumé

Resumé; the leading advertising and media trade press from Bonnier media in Sweden has a special newsletter called Innovation&Kommunikation that g

The Drum: "Adland goes dark (web)"

"Ad-tired ad-pros led to ad-site on the dark web" Medievärlden

The headline works far better in Swedish but it was amusing to translate it just to repeat "ad-" thrice in the title here.

Adland is now available on the dark web, the first ad news source to be accessible as a Tor hidden service

If you don't know what the terms dark web and deep web mean, here's a quick primer: The dark web is the encrypted network that exists betwee

Top 10 Advertising Blogs You Must Follow Now - has added us to the list Top 10 Advertising Blogs You Must Follow Now, with these kind words:

Scam ads found by adland & pals amuse India

Over at BrandEquity, Economic Times India, Ravi Balakrishnan writes about Four of adland’s scam controversies.

USA Today: "Adland and other publications noted that proper credit..."

USA Today notes our reporting on the Lucky Iron Fish Cannes win. AdLand and other publications noted that proper credit may not have been given for

AdWeek 2011 - Microsoft interviews Åsk from Adland


Dabitch interviewed in Design Weak

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Åsk is the Elite - The new Media Elite List 2006

Børsen - We are in Denmark's Financial Times

While playing the NameGame where Lunds was seeking a nice new moniker various trade press took notice of the unusual way of going about it.

Etermedia - Sites you can not live without!

Get it off your chest in a blog - Billboard

Media Guardian - about that Pepsi ad + CNN Money

Veer:Ideas Adland + "Metafilterati"

Adland, winner of MarketingSherpas Readers' Choice Award 2004

Congratulations to the 2004 Best Blog winners, and thanks to the 826 tough judges who carefully evaluated 29-nominated blogs to pick them.

Orgasms affect short-term ad-memory?

Internetworld (Sweden) Site of the month

Propaganda [Norweigan tradesite]

Resume 'men hallå' [swedish tradepress]

BoingBoing link

Markedsføring Denmark sees ghosts 2002

Creativity : "Something rotten in Denmark?" June 2002

Jim Hanas hips Madison ave to the trends of raunchy ads in .dk 5th of june 2002. Neato!

Click on those who click on Adland

In case you wondered what the banners with visiting IP's and domains are doing up there, they are there to amuse you. The banners consist of v

Doodle Trouble

Creativity Magazine outs us! "Dabitch is back"

Mark Etting - Marketingmag [Canada tradepress]

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Canadian and Australian beer infused rants!

Canada and Australia have a lot in common.

Adformatie TamTam 2000

web: CINT Sweden - pekar mot adland i sitt nyhetesbrev (swedish)

HAR DU SETT DEN FÖRUT? Har du sett den förrut? På Ad-Land har man en sektion där man samlar reklam som är tydliga plagiat av annan reklam.

Boards Magazine [canada/world tradepress] 2000

ResearchBuzz - Internet mag and mail

"Media researchers! Check out Adland at which is an archive of commercials -- over 950 of 'em.

Webadvantage mentions Adland ad-rag 1999

But if you want to have a little more fun with your research, you might want to check out some of the more acerbic sites like (I
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