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#Flattenthecurve - Creative Director's campaign to get you to "StaytheFhome"

Everyone are flexing their creative muscles to promote social distancing and Jorge Inchaurregui Elizarraras has a head start on the Un Creative brief

Burger King changes signs to "Stay home"

Yet another brand promotes corona social distancing

Everybody is separating their logos due to Corona virus.

As the Olympics of 2020 are cancelled, we may as well expect Cannes Lions and a dozen other awards shows to be as well.

Nike - #playinside #playfortheworld

Nike tells everyone to stay inside

"Bath Store - "Wash away" (2020) :30 (UK)

‘Washaway’ a film directed by Cannes Grand Prix winner Jaron Albertin, shows a woman studying her reflection in the bathroom mirror, finding her skin

SAS - "What is Scandinavian? Nothing" 45 second edit launched as controversy continues.

All ads are eventually edited down to TV-slot length, so here is the 45 second version of the SAS ad "What is Scandinavian? Nothing"

Norwegian responds to "Nothing is Scandinavian" SAS commercial.

Over on Norwegian's facebook page, they send a friendly jibe to SAS

Hyundai - Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram (2020) print (Peru)

The most recent campaign for Hyundai from Youpanqui BBDO, Lima, Perú

NetFlorist launches campaign to get guys to send flowers to their mates when their football team loses.

NetFlorist and HelloFCB+ get guys to send flowers to their mates.

To celebrate Pabst's 175th year, Party Land made a 175 ounce tall boy

This is the first ad in recent memory to "hack" social media with long copy.

Volvo wants you to take a car selfie, for safety. #SelfieforSafety Wait, what?

You may think it's a little weird that Volvo is asking to see your selfies. but they actually do have a plan.

Cracker Barrel made a juicy fried chicken pool float

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Burger King #FeelYourWay (2019) 1:48 (USA)

Burger King trolls McDonald's in partnership with Mental Health America to bring awareness to Mental Health Awareness Month.
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@Sweden on Twitter shuts down after seven years of being curated by random Swedes

After seven years, @sweden the twitter account will tweet for the last time on September 30.

Kind "Anna Faris" (2018) 1:34 (USA)

Apple "iPad Pro: No PC viruses" (2017) :30 (USA)

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Tits on the internet - When Fappening becomes UNfappening


Google can use your +1s in ads


Coca cola & the social robot - when you can't be there, it can go for you.

Israelis love social high-tech, as demonstrated by these ladies fawning over a Coke-robot.
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Mentos the Freshmaker makes Facebook news about you.


Sharknado and the Social Media Science Fiction

By now you've heard that Sharknado drew 387,000 mentions on social media. Some of them were jokey joke snarks from celebrities and everything.

Crisis Relief Singapore - Liking ins't helping / Flood / War / Earthquake

"Liking isn' helping" yells this grunge font that seems straight from the 90s.

Unicef - Likes don't save lives - Brothers (2013)



Depressed Copywriter 2.0 now with added lazy - sorry, I mean "crowdsourcing digital content"

Depressed copywriter is back,only to tell us they're now lazy too, though we knew that already - as we pointed out that they "liberated a 35


Here's a fun idea brought to you by the Famous Brussels peeps in Belgium: Catroulette.

Careful now: Using Facebook login means Facebook can lock your users out at any time.

SVT reports about yet another case of someone who got their facebook account deleted without warning. This time it's Roman Pixell.

Who is your friend on Facebook? Bimbots are befriending the best of them.

Henry Copeland of Blogads has found fake people on Facebook.

Death Can Catch You Anywhere, Anytime - goodbye message from app "if I die"

'IF i DIE', is a unique Facebook application that enables people to leave a message that will only be published after they die.

Facebook lets publishers contact "likers"

This is creepy Facebook Lets Publishers Contact “Likers" reports This is the second step of Facebook providing all pages on th

Forget banner hijacking, now we have "likejacking"


Will Karen26 please the Cannes jury? It did after all "go viral".....

#Karen26 as she was known on Twitter, the "Danish mother desperately seeking..." the father of her son August which created quite the viral

If tweets were real : Twitter: The Criterion Collection

Twitter: The Criterion Collection
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AOL's new AIM viral campaign incomplete

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