Aguilera declares her vote

Christina Aguilera and other stars as well as upcoming stars taking part in a campaign to get young people to vote in the 2004-election.

It's the Declare Yourself, a nonpartisan, nonprofit initiative (PSA) that have started the campaign and the agency involved is Benenson Janson.

The overall concept of the campaign is anything but subtle, featuring glamorously shot yet graphic depictions of young Americans literally silencing themselves by sealing their mouths through a variety of methods.

Read more at Advertising-UK - Advertising news and check out the campaign at

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It smells like a Republican leaning project to me with the likes of Mel Gibson an other less liberal types from Hollywood. You can always count on the conservatives to jump on an idea before the Democrats start their own voting drives. Good timing with the Democratic Convention next week. I havent looked at the spots yet but I will try and have an open mind even though Clearchannel is a sponsor.

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I looked at the Ad-UK site, and found out that Norman Lear is one of the prime movers behind this campaign. To jog your memory, Norman Lear was the writer/producer of such shows as "All in the Family", "Maude", "Sanford and Sons", etc. Norman Lear is definitely NOT a Republican, or a Conservative.