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Badland special - Hair scarves get in my hair.

It's a well known hairy truth that all great images have probably been done before, but don't tear your hair out over it - we can still do original things. Still, sometimes it's fun to split hairs and go digging down to see if one can't find the root of an iconic image. See hairy stuff inside.

Above : Pantene press ads from recent winter years (2005-07), also in the campaign was a TV-commercial where the woman can wear her hair as a scarf after using Pantene.

Swedish brand shampoo uses this image winter 07. Yes, it is the hair-scarf yet again and looks a lot like the Pantene ad. No, I mean a lot, don't you think?

Clariol advert, 1969. She's got the best hair of them all too, extra bounce and curl. I think this wins the 'original' title by default but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if I find something similar from 1918 next week.

Know of any more?

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caffeinegoddess's picture

That Panteen headline makes me want to scream. So does this hair scarf thing. Strangely enough, I can't recall seeing it in ads--maybe I'm just blocking it out. The "strong hair", tie it in knots type concepts though I've seen way too much.

Dabitch's picture

Aye! I know that headline just kills me as well. Aaaargghhh. I've seen hair used as bandages, act as grass, trees, plantations in general, act as scarves etc and so on - in the end it's just a matter of who executes the idea in the most original way since the idea itself of using hair to depict [insert whatever here] has most likely been done before. There's been a few executions that made me go "oooh, purdy" in recent years, but the idea itself is just classic, as in simple, good and done before.

andromeda's picture

You might find earlier examples of this hair thing, but the styling of the 60's Clariol ad wins either way. Love it.

RightOn's picture

Nice ads... I'm not sure you meant to or not but any time you mention Pantene you say "Pantone" in your article.

Dabitch's picture

Heh, that was just consistent dyslexia. Fixed.

Jacques Meoff's picture

A hair hijab. Allah u Akbar!

Imanaddy's picture

Funny Jacques Meoff

Dabitch's picture

Oi! Someone rated it one? Oh well, I guess it was that crap.