Ekonominyheterna.se - The new Media Elite List 2006

Ekonominyheterna lists the media elite (wayback archive here) which is fun, but they misspelt my name. ;) See these posts: Åsk is the Elite and "Swedens new media elite". For the record, the name is Wäppling. At least they were consistent, I picked up the printed magazine and there my name was misspelt all the way through as well, which is amusing since it is one of the names that starts the article off: "Johan Larsson. Roger Åberg. Åsk Wäppling. Or why not Emma Svensson. Do the names sound familiar?...."

Update: I asked the magazine to run a correction in the next issue - by emailing them this photo and saying "if you don't run a correction next month, I'll burn this magazine" (ooooOoh, what a threat aye?)
Sadly, I don't think they got the joke. Yes, it's a reference to the National Lampoon.

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