KGB have "heads up their asses" banned from the Super Bowl

More superbowlian ad bannage. I thought I'd collect them all into one post, but if it's one thing you can be sure of this time of year, it is that more "banned super bowl ads" are coming, so I might as well get them out of the way one by one. The WSJ blog says: CBS Puts Kibosh on Potential Super Bowl Ad from KGB and Adfreak quips CBS does not want KGB's head-up-ass spot. I swear, ever since that horse fart there seems to be a competition in who can get the dumbest ad to air during the bowl. Budweiser's "cutting the cheese" never made it to the bowl though.

Another ad in the KGB repertoire now is "What women want", which is a remake of "the Mom "song" sung to the William Tell overture. They even have Anita Renfroe making a cameo appearance in the ad.

However, Jude Johnstone's performance of the Mom Song kicks Anita Renfroe's tush, and this ad just seems like a bland copy of the funny once you've seen the originals.

The more likely contender is something tame, like this clown ad, to actually air during the super bowl. It does have the added bonus of informing punters of why they should use the service: "Get answers, not links". So, if your google-fu is failing you can pay for the info you need. Suddenly, the service makes sense.

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