Latinworks will flip your message to fit latino market

Sergio Alcocer, President and Chief Creative of LatinWorks, USA, has had a proper Cannes experience. As part of the Press Lions Jury he's been crammed into a room with opinionated, driven and very creative minds, they are watching an extremely large selection of the world's best work trying to find the memorable ideas.

Memorable in one market isn't always the same in another, the Domino's Pizza is a great example of a perfect hack where the idea that worked for one market would not work in the Latin market at all. While the CP+B solution was to change the pizza, since their target group didn't like it, the latin market did like it. How do you explain the sudden change in the recipe? Latinworks turned around the turnaround.

"We turned that around, we put it on its head" explains Christy Kranik, the Managing Director of Latinworks, "we said we love you to the Latin market, where this pizza was the gold standard. "We're gonna give you more cheese, extra garlic etc, because we love you." Looking at her long blond hair, it feels a bit funny to realize that she is the VP of a Latin agency. "Yes, this is the face of Latinworks" she says and mocks her own golden locks. It's quite clear from talking with her that she is as passionate as the stereotype of any latino, as long as it's about solving advertising problems, and getting the client to understand what is the right thing to do in the right market is. "We did things for parental control" she explains "and with one of the visuals someone said you can't do that, can you? - but we are showing a product that protects children from stumbling across nudity on the web, the visual made that clear without going too far."

" You have 365 more days to do the best work you can, hoping to be among the best in the world next year." Sergio said to the young creatives in the masterclass, and yes, this is why we work hard and smell the foamcore in ultraviolet-light lit basements all year. It's been Sergios dream to come to Cannes for a while, and when Christy asked him "is it as good as you expected it to be?" he responded "it's so much better".

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