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For lots of brands, there's a party in your mouth

Earlier this week, I caught this new Snickers Ice Cream spot.

It got me thinking that there are a few others like it, turning taste buds into anthropomorphic beings having a party in your mouth.

Back in 1979, Budweiser did a whole campaign around taste buds.

Ice Breakers - Stay Cool

This one for Panda Still (UK) is a bit different from the rest but still plays on the anthropomorphic angle:

Got one that we missed? Post it in the comments below.

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There is a 1979 (!!) Tv commercial from Australia for Chupa Chups with the tagline "tickle your little taste buddies". It happens inside the mouth of a young kid eating a Chupa Chups! Unfortunately I don't have a link.

Also this famous french Perrier TV commercial with a party inside a mouth :

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OOooh, I'll try and track that down. That puts the Chupa chups in the same year as the Budweiser campaign began.

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I learned much about a candy company I never heard of.

Note: Video is only one on *Tube and it is rough.
(we fixed that .. Quiet Cat I am typing!)

Chupa Chups - tickle your little taste buddies

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But that's from 1986. I guess Budweiser wins this Badlander round.