The roast of Rick Boyko at the Friars Club during Advertising week 2011

At the Friars club where they've have parlayed one hundred years of antics into a legendary reputation, and all the walls seems to have hidden doors leading to Narnia, Rick Boyko was getting ready to be properly skewered by drinking large glasses of red wine and laughing at the bobble-heads made in his liking. "It doesn't even look like me!" he complained, making the same exact face as the skinny little bobble-head.

Matt Scheckner, who is friar of the year 2011, kicked off the mean jokes. He invited Susie Essman to the podium, where she went on a long rant about dating Rick once in 1964, before his wife Barbara came along, and coined the catchphrase of the evening which was: Shut up Barb! The professional comedians were in there to keep the laughs high, because as it turns out - nobody has a mean thing to say about Rick.

Paul Lavoie gave it his best shot. He dragged up old photographs of Rick, old ads Rick had done, and quipped: "You gave brandcenter $1 million for a new building and still they fired you." Claiming Rick was impossible to work with because he was a perfectionist he showed a Wella hair ad for men from 1974 and read the copy out loud ("slosh" it on? Really?). Rick defended himself claiming the ad wasn't his because he wouldn't use Franklin Gothic.

The audience was in tears, partly from laughing and partly from hearing sentimental stories from the long ad-life of Rick. Nancy Vonk ( @nancyvonk ) and Janet Kestin basically blamed Rick's prior mentorship for their ballsy move to launch swim.

In the end it was Rick's turn to get everyone back. He teased Paul for showing the Wella ad from "back in the day when you had hair" and then proceeded to thank the audience for coming and asking us all to come to his next roast "as this is not the end. Shut up Barb."

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