So where is the European ad capitol?

Madison Ave has always had healthy competition it seems. Hot agencies that also grab big multinational accounts are in Portland, San Francisco and Minneapolis. In Europe. London has traditionally been the advertising capitol, the best agencies and accounts all fitting in a small square in Soho. But in later years international accounts and claims to advertising fame has been in other cities, like Stockholm Amsterdam and even Gothenburg.

The Diesel campaign was created in Stockholm, paving the way for Paradiset to flex creative muscles in all categories and eventually win the Epica Grand Prix 1998. Forsman och Bodenfors down in Gothenburg gained and lost international Volvo accounts. Amsterdam hosts the headoffices of Weiden in Europe, and now also 180 and Strawberry frog - the latter just won the Credit Suiss account worth $26 million. The swedes haven't lost yet - St Luke's is expanding to the north instead of to the west.
Traktor's Jukka Brothers still have international MTV fame, Petterson&Åkerlund have directed their third Madonna video and second Smashing Pumpkins video. Is Amsterdam Europe's Portland and Stockholm Europes San Fran? If so, who is our Goodby? And where is Minneapolis in this ranking? What do you think?

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