Take This lollipop wants to Kickstart the sequel

Take this Lollipop, the creepy stalker thing, was seen by over 120 million people and had almost 14 million Facebook likes. It received Best in Show at SXSW, 4 AICP Next Awards, Webby Award, Clio, Art Directors Club and most recently it won a Daytime Emmy Award. Now they want to kickstart the sequel.

So I asked Jason Zada director of Lollipop; With the wild success of Take this lollipop one - why do you need to kickstart a second one?

JZ: " I originally wanted to use Kickstarter, not only for the funding, but to get people involved with the project. It felt like such a great opportunity to let people feel like they are a part of the next version of Take This Lollipop. The first one's success was such a pleasant surprise. I also had the thought that if 150,000 of the 13 million people who liked it on FB gave one dollar, we could fund a sequel and do some of the things we originally wanted to do. "

db: Is it more creative freedom?

JZ: " Creative freedom is always need in potentially risky material. With the original lollipop, we really kept the experience simple and powerful and that helped it's success. I love the idea of having the people who loved it be a part of helping create it as well. Things don't become successful on their own anymore. It's all driven by the people. "

db: Are pros not backing the production of award winning ideas they way they once used to? (as in prod co houses etc).

JZ: "We are talking to a few brands to potentially be a partner in the next iteration as well. I'm excited about the level of storytelling we will be able to achieve if we find a smart brand/agency to partner with. If you think in terms of transmedia, it could be the ultimate experience. "

We'll see if the kickstarted funding of the sequel will help widen the fanbase of Lollipop 1 that freaked us all out by showing us how much we reveal about ourselves on facebook. I'm sure Facebook won't kick a buck into the kickstarter bucket as that facebook stock keeps dropping like a rock. But you might want to fund it?

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