Verizon fined for guerilla campaign in Washington DC

The Washington Post reports that a Verizon Yellow Pages guerilla campaign that consisted of stenciling orange-red chalk ads on sidewalks Washington DC has been fined $150 for each of seven ads city officials found. 135 ads had been sprayed in total but only seven were left that Mary Myers, a spokeswoman for the District Department of Public Works, said the other ads had worn away or were washed off before D.C. crews could clean them. Such ads are banned without a permit from the mayor, even though they simply wash away.

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Will it wash off? Because that's usually the problem... remember IBM's $50 a pop stencils. ;)

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Yeah. It didn't matter, supposedly. They had 135 to start but they were only fined a small amount because nearly all of hem had already faded or washed away.

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Hey, at $150 a pop, it's pretty much a bargain, don't you think? Anyone have any idea how low the CPM is on that?

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Gues it's very close to $0.00 :) Well, Dabitch could tell you CPM, if we were the target...