Leo Burnett Milan and Mc Donalds : Mc Graduation #Graduation2020

Graduation2020 is different from previous years. While cramming for your high school exams is constant, this year wan't like the others.

OTB Foundation - BRAVE / fundraising (2020) Italy

OTB Foundation launches its first fundraising campaign to celebrate and support the brave people who deserve it most during a pandemic.

Raffles Milano - 15 scholarships for the International Masters in Design and Fashion

Have you ever fancied the idea of living in Milano as a budding Designer, soaking in all the inspiration from Zona Tortona to the historical sights?

Coca Cola and Publicis Italy runs a campaign without the iconic coke bottle

As Juliet, the PR contact explains: "The bottle is not there but you can still feel it!"

Heineken - Cheers to All (2020) :40 (Italy)

I'm a beer drinker, and while this has happened to me, it doesn't happen as often as you'd think.
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Two European Design Studios to Kickstart New International Office Swap Trend

Vilnius-based Andstudio and Florence-based Muttnik will spend one month working in each other’s offices on the other side of Europe to bolster collabo

Gucci celebrates abortion in its latest collection

As abortion debates pop up around the The United States, and the world, Gucci weighs in for profit.

McDelivery announced in Italy with this simple graphic idea

Leo Burnett, Italy, has come up with this incredibly simple idea announcing McDonald's delivery.

E.ON Italy & M&C Saatchi ‘Freeze’ Historic Building in Milan to Highlight Energy Waste

M&C Saatchi Milan has created an innovative campaign for E.ON Italy, aiming to increase the energy company’s presence in the country.

Top Gear Italia "The Race" (2016) 1:00 (Italy)

Tesa, "Save a wall" (2016) 1:02 (Italy)

Ferragamo Gift Generator (2015) 2:35 (Italy)

Monster "Birthday party" (2015) :30 (Italy)

Monster "Coin" (2015) :30 (Italy)

Monster 'Shooting Star" (2015) :30 (Italy)

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Samsung "eMotion project" (2015) 3:18 (Italy)

Audi Verba wants you to update your nav system

Audi Service Italia: Winter Check

Yamaha "We R1" (2014) 1:12 (Italy)

Fendi "Women's FW acessories 2014-15" (2014) 1:00 (Italy)

Sognid'oro STAR chamomile tea: don't drink and drive.

Donnamag: SOS PMS - the app for men (2014) :30 (Italy)

Heineken "The Experiment" (2014) 2:20 (Italy)


Lexus IS Hybrid - Trace - (2013) (Italy)

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Heineken "Wall of Opportunities" (2013) 2:15 (Italy)


Heineken "The Seat" (2013) 2:15 (Italy)

Idi "Cinzia, your Skin Friend" (2013) 2:15 (Italy)


Heineken - The Candidate - (2013) 3:37 (Italy)

Burn Energy Drink - Visions - (2012) 1:47 (Italy)

BMW 1 Series - Pianist - (2012) :45 (Italy)

Lottomatica - Pierce Brosnan / Bond - Casino date - (2012) :30 (Italy)

"Have you heard from the others?" "They're waiting for us at the table."

New Lexus GS Hybrid - 120 Heartbeats - (2012) (Italy)

Vigor - A day in the life - (2012) :60

UNA - Onlus "Hate" (2011) :42 (Italy)

MTV - Bubblegum Love - (2011)


Vivident Blast - Unexpected Turns - (2011) :30 (Italy)

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"We Believe in Salivation" (almost) kissing priests Antonio Federici ad banned.

It's only been a month since the pregnant nun munching on ice-cream was pulled, now the latest Antonio Federici meets the banhammer.
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Pregnant nun munching on ice-cream offends Catholics

It's been probably six months since the last advertising offense toward Catholics, but we're at it again reports AP.

H-57 Creative commandments

Casa do Menor - “The Burden” - (2009) :60 (Italy)

Stand Up. Take Action - The Knot - (2009) :31 (Italy)

Codatronca - This is not Gotham City - (2009) :42 (Italy)

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Heineken - Football Match - (2009) :30 (Italy)

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Meltin'Pot - I dream. I am - print, Italy

Itama - Playboat - print, Italy


Detective Magazine - details - (2008) print Italy

Volkswagen Tiguan - Moving City - (2008) :43 (Italy)

Yamaha - WR250R (2008) Print (Italy)


Sexy Camera soap dispenser "up-skirt" guerrilla

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Gasser Wurstel - Winston/Jr. (2008) Print (Italy)

Benetton supports and promotes Africa for Africans.


Zebra crossings as ad space in Italy

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ENI - Lullaby (2007) 0:60 (Italy)


Ariston Aqualtis - Underwater World (2006) 0:48 (Italy)

Washing machine insides look like the ocean

Ashtanga Yoga Center - Rubber band - print, Italy

Renault Clio - Bullet (2006) 0:30 (Italy)

Steril garda - Milk Grow- (2005) 0:40 (Italy)

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Versace - Madonna - (2005) Print (USA)


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