Verizon - the latest brand to go on a road trip

At the beginning of this month, Verizon launched a new campaign by Draft New York which uses the theme of three documentary filmmakers on a "road trip" asking people around the USA why they chose Verizon. Six TV ads and five radio spots cover the gamut of services offered by Verizon. In addition they've set up a microsite here. If you've got a case of deja vu, it's likely because Coca Cola did a similar thing last year as part of its "Make it real" campaign, and so did Dell back in 2003 when it was still using those interns in their advertising.

Client: Verizon

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This commercial is nothing more than a lazy rip-off of national commercials that have been airing for Weber barbecues since last year. The Weber ads start out with two guys in a car and one of them says "We're on a journey to find real people who love their grills". Then the guys are shown interviewing different people across the country about their Webers. These spots start out with 3 guys in a car (how original), and one of them says "We're on a mission to find out why people are switching to Verizon". Then the guys are shown interviewing different people across the country about their Verizon service. Even the guys kind of look the same.

I know ideas get cribbed all the time, but this is crazy.

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Isn't the whole setup one of the oldest ideas in the book? Right there, on the top ten list between the good old "best kept secret" and the ever popular testemonials.